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Sanctuary of all who are 'misunderstood' by the normal people.

All morbid children love-Sharp things, Shiny things, and Alcoholic things.

Anything of Dark,Goth,Industrial,and Lolita
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Anybody , Moderated
Please join us on Myspace! Group name-Liquid Paranoia, same thing, just a different name :)


Im hoping this will take off and be successful :)

There are no rules in this community. You wanna post pics, go for it.
You wanna sell stuff, I dont care, go for it.
All i ask is that its no poo from GAP or Hot Topic.

Unique and cool things of Lolita, Goth, Industrial, anything considered 'Dark'

so...the fallowing is welcome:
Posting :)
(I'd prefer no flamming though...)
alcohal, alice, alice auaa, alice in wonderland, angel dust, angelic pretty, apoptygma berzerk, arachnophobia, art, asleep by dawn, assemblage 23, atb, atelier boz, atelier pierrot, avant garde, black peace now, blanche neige, blood, blutengel, bow ever down, carfax abby, clubbing, clubs, coal chamber, corsets, culture, d=sire, dada, dancers, dancing, dark arts festival, das ich, ddr, designing, devil kitty, dir en grey, dominatrix, dracula's ball, drop dead fest, dyi, ebm, edwardian clothing, ega, egl, egl fashion, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, elements, fabric, fashion, fashion music, fetish, fishnet, fishnets, flesh fiend, frount line assembly, germany, gothic, gothic & lolita bibles, gothic beauty, gothic lolita, gothic lolita bible, gothic lolita fashion, h.anarchy, h.jelly, h.naoto, h.naoto blood, heart-e, industrial, innocent world, japan, japanese fashion, japanese pop culture, japanese street fashion, jrock, juliette et justine, kana, kazuko ogawa, kera, klaha, kmfdm, knives, kodona, lace, larmes de angel, le mule, leather, lolita, lyriel, ma/mam, make-up, malice mizer, mana, marble, marlyin manson, mdfmk, mesh, metal, metamorphose temps de fille, miho matsuda, minstry, moi dix mois, moi-même-moité, moi~dix~mois, mucc, music, na+h, neogothic, nin, ocidus, orkus, petticoats, photography, putumayo, ribbons, rococco, ruffles, ryutarou, schwarz stien, sewing, sexy dynamite london, shirley temple, skinny puppy, smocking, stigmata, stilletos, tattoo, tattoos, techno, the cruxshadows, the retrosic, tragic black, treffen, union jack, velvet acid christ, velvet eden, victorian clothing, victorian maiden, vidoll, vintage clothing, vinyl, visible, visual kei, voltaire